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Dear Sir/ Madam
                                    (Compliment of season)
I am  Mr. Coulibaly Kadute,the Director in charge of Auditing section  in African Development Bank(A.D.B) here in Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso in West Africa.I Know that this business proposal may come to you as a suprise,but with due respect i want you to  Forgive my indignation,And be convinced that this business is dedicated for both of us,I am contacting you based on Trust and confidentiality that you will keep this as top secret.don't be scared or surprised,i know that it may intrest you to know that,i got your impressive information through my internet search,in Ougadougou Burkina-Faso here.then I  made up my  mind to contact you on this particular project that will be very beneficial to both of us for our future welfare.
Infact you are the person i sent this business proposal to assist me to realize this project,during our auditing in this Bank,we came across some amount of money $30,000.000,(Thirty Million Dollars) belonging to a foreign investor to this country,Mr.JOSEPH F. GRILLO,he is a foreigner, he is the Manager of petrol chemical service.(Chemical engineer by Proffession) He died in world trade center,as a victim of the September 11,2001 Incident that befall the United State of America,Our bank has made series of efforts to contact any of his relatives to claim this money but without success.through my investigation proved to me as well that the staff of  his company does not know anything about this account,with my possition in this bank,i have the opportunity to transfer this money,I have the courage to look for  a reliable and Honest Person who will be capable for this important business,that i can  stand in the chance,as the next of kin to Mr.J.F.GRILLO,beliveing that you will not let me down or betray me as soon as the money is transfered to your bank account.           
  Please view more information in this website:
On your acceptance to be my partner, please email me for a brief discussion before we proceed. Please keep this proposal as secret, even if you dont want to assist me. I look forward to receive your urgent reply.thank you for respecting my person. i want you to be convinced that the money is excuted by bank authorties to be transferred to the family member of  Mr.JOSEPH F. GRILLO.i want you to be convinced that the money is excuted to be transfered to the next of kin to this family by the bank authorties and officials.Please feel free and be conviced that the money is under  dialogue before i contacted you.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Coulibaly Kadute

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Un Reportaje al Lic Norberto Litvinoff en Minuto el diario digital de Chiche Genblung

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Amigos pueden leer el reportaje y hacer sus comentarios que seran bienvenidos,
espero sus aportes.-
Lic Norberto Litvinoff

Como quedamos, le envío la nota que ya está publicada en el sitio. Desde ya, muchas gracias por su aporte.
Luciano Zampa

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