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Publicado el 4 de Noviembre, 2006, 19:18. en General.
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Dear sir,
I got your contact in cause of a seriouse search
for a reliable foreign partner, which really made me to
contact you for assistance in transfering my money to
you for investement purpose.I'm Dessue Metthan the son
of a late sierraleonian Col,Metthan soku .
Who died 4 years ago when the revolutionary united
front rebels(R.U.F)attacked our residence on the 20
of feb 2002 in Makeni Sierraleon. Following the cease
fire agreement which was reach year before last year
with the help of United Nation peace keeping troops,
I used the opporturnity to leave the country with a
very important document of(US$8.5m)EIGHT million
deposited by my late father in security company,
under my name. this money was realised from
diamond export. Now'I'm searching for a trusted
individual or foreign firm whom I can invest this
money with for I am next of kin to these money.
However I contact you based on your capability
and vast knowledge on international commercial
investement. For your assistance and co-opertion
I will give you 10%of the total sum realised after the
sucessfull transffer of this money.Please kindly
communicate your acceptance of this proposal so
that we can discuss the modalities of seeing this
transaction through. I count on you greately for
your assistance. I will be waiting to hearing from
you soonest Thanks,
Dessue .
contact me alternatively with this mail below