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I must have showed my emotion, but happily the two had noeyes for me.
Now at last I was to be given his confidence, and I prayed that hemight be inspired to go on.
Next day I went down to Fosse and told Mary to expect me back verysoon for a day or two.
I often wake in a terror, and have to go up to the night-nursery tohug Peter John.
Yes, hes jolly good company, the dear fellow, she said. We went downstairs to the dancing and the supper parties. I wish to control for ever, and to controlwithout constant watching on my part. I say, Im most awfully sorry for playing the foollike this. Im sorry youre going out oftown, he said, for I want you badly. Then Mary got up and stood over me like a delivering angel. Nothing that a game of squash and a little Eno wont cure. Medina noddedcasually to me, and Tom, whom I had not seen for years, made agreat fuss.
He looked at me with a perfectly blank face, and I saw I had made amistake.
But its as well to getquite fit, and to lie up for a week ought to put you all right. I wascurious to know what he had been doing during the War.
There is a way, a sure way, the Indian was saying, and a wickedhalf-smile flitted over his face.
Then I went on to see Macgillivray, with whom I had made anappointment by telephone. Hehas forgotten his manners, his breeding, and everything he oncepossessed.
Everybody swore by him, but I had always a queer feelingabout the man.
We must win or I shallnever be able to kiss Peter John again with a quiet mind. Smoke was going up from its chimneys, so I judged that Sandy hadordered early breakfast. But its as well to getquite fit, and to lie up for a week ought to put you all right.
There is a way to rivet the bondage and it is this.
I dare say I could raise a bus all right.