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Shes much smarter than Heath; she knew at once thatSkeel wasnt guilty. Louey says it was probably some burglar who wantedher jewels.
But what really worries me is thatstory of the doctor. And she impressed me as lacking the sparkleand vitality of a Swiss resort in midwinter. But if youll take my advice, youllsend for this Boonton catchpole and let him have a look at Pop.
There wasnt anybody else outside of those youve mentioned, except,of course, Mr. Heath relighted his dead cigar and made an impatient gesture. I did put a little fright into him, didnt I? I only wish I knew why I am sodeuced concerned in this affair. May I hopethat for the present your inquisition is ended? I say,Markham, what does Pop Cleavers brother look like? And I learned dancing with Professor Markoff. In less than five minutes after we had returned to the districtattorneys office, Heath came in.
Cleavers not going todo a bunk; and there are one or two preliminry steps stronglyindicated. I had heard that such practices were once common inRussia. He said thepolice might bother him with questions, and his name might get intothe papers.
The fellow I hung a summons on wasstouter than this gent and wasnt as tall. He spoke lightly, but Markham knew him too well to push thequestion.
Miss La Fosse carefully considered thesuggestion.
But after a moments effort he steadiedhimself. Yes; Id have liked that better than the Chinese number, I think.
You at least give me an historic background,he said. But what really worries me is thatstory of the doctor.