plated hard-core

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I got him to join upin the American Legion and he used to stand high there. Ah well, we will give him something to write about.
He says that the only time when his creditorsleave him alone is when he is in prison.
Sitting down stiff andlong-backed in the vacant chair, he answered:Excellently, sir. Hehad taken to his heels after watching them for a few minutes. He always had some resolves like this orsomething.
He took out his wallet with tremblingfingers.
West Egg especially still figures in my more fantasticdreams.
If theEuropeans go to Veraswami it is only because there is no otherdoctor in Kyauktada. They consider him a very cleverdoctor, I believe. Her hand, which dangles overthe side, sparkles cold with jewels.
We must persuade the Europeans that the doctor holdsdisloyal, anti-British opinions. He had a big future before him, you know.
West Egg especially still figures in my more fantasticdreams. A few anonymous letters will work wonders.
Ba Taik thought it was only ten rupees and a basket of mangoes. I think he rather expected me to copy down thelist for my own use. It would be a hard thing to prove, objected Ba Sein. He waschewing betel from a lacquered box on the table, and thinking abouthis past life. He told me I et like a hog once and I beat himfor it.