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As he thought of them he felt a glow of affection warm his being.
He sawthe Indians as tenuous growths, fungi which had no hold on thesoil. For the rest of theafternoon daylight Leithen moved happily in step with Galliard.
A few days earlier one of thecamp kettles was found to be leaking.
In eachpicture he felt the blood strong in his veins and a young power inhis muscles.
Come out with me and Johnny and youll beliving healthy.
Sunk inweakness and despair they would remain torpid, but he had soundedthe challenge.
He had been inhuman, Leithen told himself, with the drearyfortitude of a sick animal.
As he fell asleep he was ashamed of his childishness. Tomorrow morning we willhave a round-up and discover exactly what is the size of ourjob. He had a few words of English, but Johnny did most ofthe interpreting. Then suddenly there rose a wild clamour from starving dogs picketedin the snow.
You go huntingwith Lew as if you were bred to it. Sandy Clanroyden would be off onsome wild venture. It was tofind him and save him that he had started out. His stock of vigourwas slender indeed, but he could spend it bravely in making hissoul.
They were now descending, and Galliardsarm linked with his steadied his shambling footsteps. Leithen annexed Johnnys Mannlicher and filled the magazine.
Through strange circuits he had come to that simpleforthright duty for which he had always longed.
Galliard and Father Duplessis were sitting side by side and talkingearnestly. There was a ring of happiness in his voice. A flight of arrows is the best cure for brooding.
But my impression is that things werepretty bad.
He had been inhuman, Leithen told himself, with the drearyfortitude of a sick animal.
Illengage by the spring youll be a mighty strong man.
I wasafeared youd have that dam foolish notion.
With some it unhinges the witsso that the brain softens. He was ashamed of the childish delight which he felt. Youve got to get a mighty big store of logs, for a fire must bekept burning day and night.
Only thelittle church on the higher ground looked like the work of menshands. Not swift, clean annihilation, but death with torture and horror init.
Johnny and one of the Hares were in charge of them, while Lew wentahead to break the trail.
At first, when he left England, he had lookedback with pain at the bright things now forbidden. At home, said Leithen, I would have guessed one-twenty.
The hillside was noisy with runningwater and the drip of thawing spruces.