dual inspection

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The conversation lasted long and explored many subjects.
The staff officer had been gazing intently at the speaker.
Will you oblige me by taking off your glasses, sir? Last week, he said, I was passing Buckingham Palace.
They are asympathetic people and respect knowledge.
Berlin agreed, and onemorning Ulrici departed from Berne.
Hecannot help himself, and their despair is revealed in him. Igot into a third-class carriage at the very end of it. In those weeks only one word came from the Garmischstrasse. Thething had got so badly on my nerves that I could have wept.
But theres no harm in your working at it at the inn.
But they do say as heworships summat there.
They have queer names in thoseparts, and other things queerer than the names. Forhis popular fame was now a thing to marvel at.
The other was in July,when von Mudra came down from Berlin to see me. Even among the idle clients there was a sprinkling of the earnest. The phrase became the universalformula whispered wherever people spoke their minds.
He did notask me to stay, but mentioned that there was a comfortable littleinn in St. I have spoken about you tohim, and he is expecting you.
Lartius spokeheartening things to his clients.
I suppose I had tumbled into such an utterly new world thatno link remained with the old one.
And to the moreintelligent he would propound an illustration. I think I will go to Munich, said the young man.
But it didnt seem so bad when I was at it, though it ishorrible to look back on.
Take themathematics of the Fourth Dimension, he would say. There,being profoundly bored, he wrote out and sent to us this story. The young man paid little attention to suchtributes.
That is why I am so sad, for against my will the sorrowof my friends clouds me. I suppose youll have itframed as a trophy for your ancestral hall. He had such an odd appraising way of looking at me. They want a little ghostly consolation atpresent, and this man will give it them. But theres no harm in your working at it at the inn. Burminster finished his tankard, and a light of reminiscence cameinto his eye.
Lartius was inscribed in letters of oxidised silver. I know things which have not yet come to pass, though no man hasspoken to me of them.