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Gradually I wasable to distinguish the general outlines of my immediate surroundings. Must the soldiersfight for victory while the home front goes on strike against it?
I took up my work with the greatest delight and devotion. But there was also a more fundamental reason.
The insolence of their masters had suddenly subsided. In the second place, what effect did this move have on the enemy?
Here the resistance had lost all the character of anarmy fighting for a lost cause.
There is no such thing as coming to an understanding with the Jews.
From the very beginning I had my own definite personal views. Iintensely loathed the whole gang of miserable party politicians who hadbetrayed the people.
All the hopes that had been based on Russia were now lost.
A prudent silence reigned at the front, even among the troops of theEntente. Towards morning I also began to feel pain. That was thebest medicine to set the staggering Poilu and Tommy on their feet onceagain. We were to accept theterms of the Armistice and trust to the magnanimity of our formerenemies.
In its place there was now a grimdetermination to struggle through to victory.
Those who travelled inthe coaches of the new Steam-horse did not suffer from vertigo.
Inaddition to this, from the front came the shameful news that they wishedto capitulate! But that does not worry small-minded people;they are quite content with momentary results. The position of the constructive political philosopher is quitedifferent.
During the following days my own fate became clear to me. I was told that what I hadconsidered to be a local affair was in reality a general revolution.