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Had he returned when the curtain went up on the second act? Bensonshouse, he must have taken them there himself. Their presence there has beenpreying most distressinly on the district attorneys mind.
The third was that the captain pulled the trigger acappella.
Something in his tone and manner seemed to inspire her confidence.
Then, if the person knocked on the window, Mr.
Vance chided her, as if speaking to achild.
The following is averbatim copy:HYPOTHESISMrs.
Then, allowing for a ten-minute intermission, the colonel mighthave been away twenty minutes? A shadow darkened her face, but her voice remained even.
I know many army men, friends of his and of Major Bensons.
The absence of the toupee, as I once suggested toyou, was a prime essential of the situation.
The gentleman sought to turn my head withthem. I think he came backa few minutes after the act began. And youre certain no one could have got in without a key? It istied with silk, rolled in a specially prepared almond batter, andcooked in sweet butter. Sometimes they have business at City Hall. An amazin practice, that, though not as amazin asstuffing a melon with ice cream. How did you find out about her relation to the girl?
And isnt there an exit door very near the boxes, which leads intothe alleyway?
But dont devitalize its flavor withpepper or salt. He looked admiringly at the massive mahogany double door that openedinto the hall.
I havent named it yet; perhaps you cansuggest a fitting appellation. I said nothing this afternoon because I wanted tosee where your ideas had led you.
I tried to reason with him before coming here; butI failed.
If a stranger had tapped on the window, would Mr. Your police brand of aggressive cross-examination will, I assureyou, have no effect upon the lady. He studied the door for some time; then turned abruptly back to Mrs.
Why didnt you confide in me and avoid all thesetrying activities?
The testimony youveheard today is going to help immeasurably in convicting the culprit. Christianity, he remarked, has almost vindicated itself by itsarchitecture alone.
Platz, who was eyeing him curiously and with mounting apprehension.
Thereare other helpful indications, y know. He gave Markham a smile of waggish reproach, and went on: Sinceyou, Miss St. Would Benson have gone out and left them on thetable? He indicated Markham with a slight movement of the head.
Clair could not have had anything to do with the crime. But we are not entirelysatisfied with his bona fides. We have the report, said Vance, but its a bit too general.
Eighty-seven West Forty-eighth Street, he directed.