tongs winsome

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Well, youve got the hay; good hay, too; and lots of it.
Beyond, tall, ghostly, white stems of aspens loomed up, shuttingout the world .
I wish they would, daddy, she replied and rumpled his scant greyhair with a caressing hand. His face lighted up; he would have liked to speak to her.
I told him I would charge him only abag of barley.
Lund who was washing the breakfastdishes, barefooted as she was, ran out over the snow.
Lund was standing in front of the stable, pitching manure on to asleigh-box.
What did it matter whether aperson had a little more or less wealth?
Dont make me too pretty, mamma, he cooed; the girls might getgay with me. In the box of her sleigh there were two tanks.
The morning was cold;and the girl was warmly dressed. Thus it came to pass that the two friends returned to Lunds soonerthan they had expected.
Of course, she had not come along with the crowd.
Niels felt the same odd repulsion for the man which he had alwaysfelt.
That perfect poise, that forbidding scrutinyseemed to hold him at a distance even now. In the confusion which followed Niels reached for his cap andcaught Bobby by the shoulder. Niels lived in a continual glow of excitement.
Then she bowled him over as if hewere a child.
He returned to his homestead bringing a team. Lund wrested the fork fromhis grasp and threw it away. A noonday sun glared down on the landscape. The smiling eyes were fixed on him, showing warm andflattering interest.
All right, he said almost harshly when he jumped to the ground. They backed the wagon up to the shack and unhitched the horses. Shes never stopped to flirt with me before.
Niels counted the loads; there were twenty-two. Thus started Niels first winter in the northern forest. Lund whom he discovered, as usual, recliningin the far corner of the room. Yetone was competent; the other, helpless. Amundsen came somewhat closer before he replied. At the bridge he saw Amundsen working on the ice of the creek.
The stable, too, had been much enlarged; and there was a granary.
The trouble with them was that they were children one andall.
Life had been flowing placidly for a year or two.