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For though I would guard my possessions and also my person, I know wherelies the greater treasure. I am not to be held nor confined whileHe is free.
They in their stability mock at all else in my house. Now that man was defiant to us and to Rome. Sheonly wept in silence and her shawl was wet with her tears. Then He looked into my eyes and said, My blessing shall be upon you.
And we walked behind Him in silence until wereached our house. This is the Christ, the innermost and the height, who walks with mantowards eternity.
And He walked away anddisappeared among the hills. Though I spoke first, His was theword and the purpose.
I do forgive them their weakness of body and theirinfirmity of spirit. And He smiled on her and He said, Behold, I shall lie downupon a bed twice made. But you with mywords shall wake that city, and my spirit shall speak to her second dawn.
He would fashion thegods after his own likeness, and worship that which reflects his ownimage. And on another day He said, You shall not be yourself alone. And He asked me, Where is the grave of Elijah?
When He said that I felt as it were a gust of wind rushing through mybody. WhenHe stopped I rose and walked over and stood before Him.
But he is a man of hidden powers and his presence is affirmed by thosewho gather round him. Forget not that the Torah is our foundation and our tower of strength.