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Thirty bombs weredropped: one silenced the battery, the others killed dozens of men andanimals. CHAPTER LIXThe tale of Syria was not ended in this count of odd races andreligions. The first reported that the Howei-tat werein treasonable correspondence with Maan.
Our six weeks food gave us capacity for a thousand miles out and home.
Many armies had been voluntarilyenlisted: few served voluntarily.
CHAPTER LIXThe tale of Syria was not ended in this count of odd races andreligions.
He suggested Joyce as commanding officer at Akaba: a notion whichsuited me perfectly.
Nature had so divided the country into zones.
The critical centre of Syria in allages had been the Yarmuk Valley, Hauran, and Deraa. Thecamel, that intricate, prodigious piece of nature, in expert handsyielded a remarkable return. Aims and ideas must betranslated into tangibility by material expression.
Our tactics should be tip and run: notpushes, but strokes.
Cavalry kept the outskirts, to contain a possible Arab counter-strokefrom the Wadi Musa side. When we were alone I touched on their presentcorrespondence with the Turks.
Auda began to laugh; Mohammed to lookdisgusted. The camelsmust drink, and there was no gain in making ourselves richer than ourmounts. They stretched like a chain along the fertilevalleys between the desert and the hills. Weshould use the smallest force in the quickest time at the farthestplace.
East of them were the Druses, heterodox Moslem followers of a mad anddead Sultan of Egypt. At Ismailia passengers for Cairo changed, to wait until the expressfrom Port Said was due. Then the lightened machines soared up and home to El Arish. Its sheikhs were leaders of opinion, more Meccan than otherselsewhere. They bombed the horse lines and stampeded theanimals, visited the tents and scattered the Turks.
I went below, bathed, and slept till mid-morning. Our excuse for over-running expediency was War. It was good for the Arab Revolt that so early in its growth this changeimposed itself. The verbal poverty of their Rome-borrowed name indicated apolitical disintegration.