enigmatic assurance

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Have you all had any news of whats been happening in Atlanta? Oh, Captain, shecried, turning to the sergeant, please make him give it to me!
And the apples and the yams in the pantry bins. Scarlett next had tried her sisters and Melanie in the fields, butthat had worked no better.
She said Cade would bust when he came home and heard aboutit. Dilcey, she said, when good times come back, Im not going toforget how youve acted. Oh, how I blame myself for not riding overto see! Mammy, in particular, declaredvehemently that she had never even been a yard nigger.
In her apron was apile of silver tableware. She wondered why,knowing that even a month before she could never have done thedeed.
From theyard came loud cries: Head um off! And, God knows, weve seen mulatto babies before this. And the money in the Yankeesoldiers wallet. Well, go home, child, or theyll be worrying about you, she saidsuddenly.
And I could only lie there and pray that the light of the flameswouldnt show up my hiding place. Swiftlyshe bent to the child beside her and her voice was urgent but oddlygentle. And its very bad for a woman notto be afraid of something. And ever so often one Indian would go back to her andsink his tommyhawk into her skull again.
Thenshe stripped off the large sapphire solitaire which Charles hadgiven her as an engagement ring. No, said Scarlett, and now most of it is ruined.
No one questioned whence the horse had come.
They hada horse now and they could ride instead of walk.
Scarletts visit to the Fontaines had heartened her more than sherealized.
And wenever dreamed you were home, Scarlett.