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His smile faded, and his manner becamegrave.
Before Markham had time to reply, Vance stepped forward and touchedhis arm. He stopped abruptly and watched Vance eagerly.
An acquaintance of his had discovered theslain body of old Mr.
Didnt likethe idea of being found alone with a murdered man, and toddled backtoward the front door.
Your motive, however powerful, said Markham, cannot extenuateyour crime.
I met him in the Waldorf lobby, and he told me the truth: there wasno doubting his word. The manager thenhastened away and was gone about five minutes.
He replaced the receiver on the bracket and again settled back inhis chair. Spotswoode lit a cigarette with steady fingers. Suppose you show him in when you deem his nerves sufficientlycalm.
I hope nothing untoward has befallen his eruditeemployer. Then came a sharp report from the other room. Only last night I was reading Wildes De Profundis. I have lied to othersperhaps, but not to myself.
In that case, said Spotswoode quietly, theres a small favor Ihave to ask of you, Mr.
Had I not gambled in this instance,I stood to lose heavily nevertheless. The brutal and fantastic murder of that old philanthropist and artpatron, Benjamin H.
Iwrapped it in one of the club newspapers and threw it in a wastebinnear the Flatiron Building.
Id like to ask you about the jewelry, said Markham.
Wed been working lastnight on a financial report of the last expedition.