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I wondered whether you have any information that might help us.
Why, that makes it all very simple, Miss Morrow continued. Shell like you better ifyou walk all over her. My grandmother, and Charlie Chan, and a few oldfriends from the club. You might tell him that Imgrowing impatient. Still have some running to do, Chan admitted.
You areunder hovering cloud of suspicion at last.
Well, it does seem high time we were getting a glimpse behind thatcurtain, Rankin remarked.
Suspicion, Chan told him, is a wicked thing. But now, if you dont mind, Idlike to ask a few questions.
He left early the next morning and Ihave never seen him since.
We could talk of little else on the train coming out. Then my husband took me to York, where he had a living.
Chans keen eyes were on the papers atop the desk. It may even proveto have nothing to do with it at all. I havent a doubt in the worldbut what I can hold my own. She took it up and once more began to smooth it.
But I felt we were on the wrong trail altogether.
Grace Lane came to you with a letter from my grandmother?
In a few minutes thesecretary appeared in the room. Nothing cross about it, Miss Morrow said, with a smile. I believe you omitted that admonition inthis case.
Ilike him, but I cant see that his story of this afternoon puts himcompletely beyond suspicion. He hung up the receiver and waited impatiently for the hour of theconflict. Andwide awake, if I can believe my failing eyesight. Humbly suggest you place Miss Morrow on her track. Its about that girl, Grace Lane, sir, Cuttle explained, when theyreached the inner room. Ive been watching the papers like a bargain hunter.
And the lady who has just left, hewhispered. He staredfor a moment at the misty window. Kirk glanced at the butler, and raised his own glass.
Dont forget there are many other possibilitiesfor that role.
You are referring to Colonel John Beetham? You know, of course, that we are hunting the murderer of Sir FredericBruce, Miss Morrow began. Miss Morrow sought an inconsequential ending for theinterview, You are English, Mrs.
And unless youprove more cruel than you look, Im not dining alone.
I pretended, of course, thatI had no hope, but it wasnt quite true.
CuttleWHEN Charlie Chan rose on Wednesday morning, the rain was over and thefog was lifting.